• Home Purchase/Buying Basics
    Buying a home is a milestone in everyone's life. It symbolizes that you are independent and have achieved the stability of living a relatively comfortable life. Here are a few things
  • This means a couple of things. The most important thing to realize is that the lender will not just fork over a new, lower interest rate. You will be asked to bring in income documentation
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Mortgage Rates Are On The Rise

Following TD’s increase to its prime rate, RBC announces to increase their fixed rates across the board, effective today.

This might be a signal that all other lenders will soon to follow the measure to increase their prime rate.

Due to the higher bond rate market, the 5-year fixed rate has jumped about 25 basis points amongst most of the lenders.

Finance Minister Is Calling For More Stringent Mortgage Rules

Finance Minister Bill Morneau's news release this morning will have a great impact on future home buyers borrowing capacities and lender’s lending policies.

In order to protect and stabilize the ever steaming real estate market in GTA and GVA, the federal government is proposing the following changes to mortgage lending rules: