• Home Purchase/Buying Basics
    Buying a home is a milestone in everyone's life. It symbolizes that you are independent and have achieved the stability of living a relatively comfortable life. Here are a few things
  • This means a couple of things. The most important thing to realize is that the lender will not just fork over a new, lower interest rate. You will be asked to bring in income documentation
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New Mortgage Rules Means Less Borrowing Power

Previously when a client asks us how much he/she can borrow, the answer has always been 4 to 6 times of your income, provided no other major debts.

Bank of Canada Increases Interest Rate, Again.

Following July 2017's rake hike, Bank of Canada has announced another interest rate increase by 0.25%. Consequently, the major banks have followed the interest rate hike and increased their prime rate from 2.95% to 3.20% for most of the lenders (TD's prime is now 3.15%).