• Home Purchase/Buying Basics
    Buying a home is a milestone in everyone's life. It symbolizes that you are independent and have achieved the stability of living a relatively comfortable life. Here are a few things
  • This means a couple of things. The most important thing to realize is that the lender will not just fork over a new, lower interest rate. You will be asked to bring in income documentation
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Bank of Canada Maintains Overnight Rate at 3/4 Per Cent.

Bank of Canada's annoucement today indicating no changes to the interest rate.

The current prime rate is still at 2.85%

Please contact us today and see how you can get 2% (P-0.85%) variable rate.


Banks and Other Lenders are Lowering Prime Rate to 2.85%

Following RBC's first annoucement on January 27, 2015 to lowering the prime rate to 2.85%, all the other major banks and some of the smaller lenders have followed the movement and lowering the prime rate to 2.85% as well.