Equity Lending Program

We have seen special products designed for Self-Employed individuals.

How about people who are with salary, pension or investment income?


Great News! Valueland has access to lenders with special products designed for Salaried, Pensioners or people with investment income.


Here are some features of the Equity Lending product:


  • Maximum loan to value (LTV) ratio is 50%;
  • Borrower is able to borrow up to 9 times of the income. For example, with $100K income, you can borrow up to $900K;
  • If the requested mortgage exceeds 9 times of your income, it is still doable provided that you have enough assets (equity in other properties counts!);
  • For refinance applications, lender will cover appraisal fee and legal fee;
  • Regular bank’s rate, no lender fee nor broker fee!



This product is designed for salaried, pensioner and investment income.

It is not suitable for professional landlords.


For self-employed individuals, we have variety of products available here.


Please get in touch with one of our mortgage agents for more detailed information.